Speaker Bureau Introduction

Speaker bureaus are a valuable resource to facilitate peer-to-peer education by utilizing key speakers to provide education and influence within the healthcare community. These events provide essential product and company information to key customers across the nation.

Coalesce understands that effective speaker bureau execution need not consume a large amount of time and energy by the local representative. At Coalesce, we understand that your representatives have more pressing things to do than spend time coordinating, executing, and following up on the logistics of your speaker bureau events.

Coalesce manages all your speaker bureau needs efficiently and cost effectively, while providing adequate information for the representative to “own” the project and still ensure he/she can tend to their sales calls, customers, and new business leads.

Your one-stop-shop for speaker bureaus includes

  • Speaker identification, recruitment, and contracting
  • Slide set development
  • Speaker training (live and web-based) for 5 to 500 participants
  • Program implementation guide development, distribution, and training
  • Business rules/guidelines, objectives, divisions of responsibilities, recruitment criteria, and tips to successful speaker bureau execution
  • Speaker recruitment, confirmation, travel coordination, honoraria distribution, and expense reimbursement
  • Custom event invitations, registrations, and confirmations
  • Venue and vendor contracts
  • Audio visual equipment deliveries, set-up, and emergency contact information
  • On-site staffing (if needed)
  • Post-meeting reporting (Sunshine Act), payments, and project reconciliations
  • By territory, by representative, by time period or over the duration of the speaker bureau