Medical and Marketing Scientific Content Development

At Coalesce, we understand that your data are only as good as your ability to package, position, and deliver it to your key customers. Our highly experienced medical communication specialists understand that your data has to address or satisfy a clinical need within a given therapeutic area. We also understand that individually, your customers fill a very specific role within the treatment landscape and your data needs to align with these specific and sometimes diverse roles. Your brand communication strategies and tactics will always underperform unless your medical and marketing content are comprehensive, credible, and meet the needs of your intended audiences.

At Coalesce MedCom, we understand how to create content that educates, motivates, and inspires your customers.


  • We understand the clinical considerations of your audience
  • We realize what drives treatment selection
    • Product perceptions and misperceptions
    • Safety and symptom management
    • Evolving treatment landscape
  • We know the value and impact of company services and resource on prescribing
  • We understand how to tailor your product messages
    • Not all audiences require the same content
      • Consumers want content tailored to their role in the treatment paradigm
      • One size does not fit all
  • What is in it for them?
    • Does the data being presented address an unmet need in the treatment landscape

Coalesce develops and delivers a wide spectrum of scientific projects that are tailored to meet your individual marketing and medical objectives:

  • Slide set development and training
    • Physicians, nurses, and patients
  • Clinical data research and mining
  • Publications
    • Journal supplements
    • Abstracts, posters, and compendia
  • Product and disease state monographs
  • Conference newsletters, synopses, and highlights
  • Meeting support
    • Needs assessment preparation and submission
    • Post-meeting “Executive Summary” preparation