Complete Medical Event Planning and Execution

Effective medical event planning provides your organization the foundation required to effectively engage key customers on a variety of topics/issues. The planning and execution of your medical events should be handled by professional and experienced companies that know how to create a forum for the exchange of information as well as cater to the needs of your audiences. Medical events come in a variety of formats, lengths, and objectives that need to be effectively executed regardless of the number of participants. At Coalesce, we have the experience, resources, and vision to develop, execute, and staff meetings and events ranging anywhere from 5 to 500 participants.

Our events provide you with the opportunity to engage key customers, obtain relevant information or feedback on a variety of topics, and help to solidify relationships with key customers within a given therapeutic area. These interactions provide both tangible and intangible benefits that drive loyalty and advocacy for your brand and your company.

Planning and executing your medical events involves more than just booking your hotel, setting up the room, and feeding your attendees. Coalesce understands the importance of these opinion leader engagements and will strive to ensure that every detail is addressed and that your medical event is effectively and professionally executed.

Coalesce provides complete medical event management and execution. Our Medical Event Planners will help you visualize, plan, and execute medical communication offerings to meet your specific marketing and medical objectives. We have the experience to help you align the precise meeting format/type to provide you the most tangible interaction and outcome based on your desired objectives and needs.


Our medical event services include:

  • Site search and venue contracting
    • Domestic and international meetings and society offerings
  • Invitation, registration, and confirmation of all participants
    • Faculty, attendee, clients, vendors
  • Hotel and meeting room coordination and staging
  • In-house travel coordination, ticketing, and customer service
  • Food & beverage selection and coordination
  • Development and distribution of all meeting-related materials
  • Team-building, professional moderation, and dynamic group workshops
  • Post-meeting reporting
    • HCP reporting, honoraria distribution, and event reconciliation
  • On-site staffing and management by experienced Coalesce Event Planners

Tips for medical event planning:

  • Get the right attendees
    • A room full of unengaged attendees does not help you or your brand
    • Not everyone is a good fit for your events
  • Align your customers to the event based on their experiences, behaviors, knowledge, and role within the treatment paradigm
  • Select a strong chair and faculty presenters for your medical events
    • Provide them with the tools, resources, and training to be successful
  • Develop a comprehensive and focused agenda
    • Allow time for interactions and engagement with the attendees
    • It is not about the presentations, it is about the discussions
  • Ask the right questions (even the tough ones)
  • Have specific objectives and set realistic expectations with your customers
    • Follow up and follow through
  • Provide a meeting venue and format that is conducive to meeting your objectives
    • Allow time for personal interactions with the attendees
  • Let them know you value their interactions and feedback