CMC is a progressive medical communications company that provides tangible strategic and tactical communication solutions for the biotech, pharmaceutical, and device industries.

  • We do not pull these off the shelf, we develop and deploy our medical communication solutions specifically for your brand(s)
  • Our medical communication solutions are based on our knowledge of the tangible and intangible factors that drive treatment selection and product utilization
  • We understand that the decision to select any given therapy or product requires an assessment that goes well beyond just clinical data
    • Our solutions incorporate factors such as your product’s attributes, relevant adverse events, prescriber perceptions and misperceptions, the unmet consumer need, and of course, your individual marketing and medical communications objectives
  • We listen to you, your prescribers, and your competition to develop the most comprehensive medical communication solutions for YOU and YOUR BRAND
  • medical-communication-solutions-companyOur strategies and tactics evolve as your product matures and as the landscape evolves or changes with new product entries
    • One size does not fit all
    • Be proactive, reactive, and flexible

Do you have a real understanding of what your consumers think about your product, your company, and your services/resources?

  • Do you have a plan to procure and validate this?
  • Do you understand the perceptions and misperceptions of your brand?

Does your current communication strategy provide tangible information to impact your consumers’ perception of your product, services, and company?

  • Our strategies are designed to drive clinical utility of your product(s) within the treatment armamentarium and enable you to garner tangible feedback on the factors that influence treatment selection.

Do you have an executable strategic and tactical plan to communicate the benefits of your product, your company, and your services?

  • Does it reach all prescribers?
  • Is it relevant to their specific needs?
  • Do you have the KOL support needed to execute this plan?
    • Take a moment to review our key opinion leaders management offerings we offer At Coalesce, we have the experience and resources to develop and execute comprehensive medical communication offerings that increase product awareness and utilization among your prescribers.

Our medical communication strategies and tactics are designed to address the perceptions and misperceptions that exist around your brand and help you understand the factors that influence treatment selection among your prescribers.