Creating and delivering “tangible” communication strategies and tactics through our proven Key Opinion Leader Touch Point program.

As you know, the development and execution of a comprehensive Key Opinion Leader plan is critical to the success of your brand and your company. Key Opinion Leaders provide valuable information and feedback on your marketing and medical communications that drive future strategic and tactical activities. At Coalesce MedCom, we understand what it takes to develop key opinion leaders on a local, regional and national basis. We have a proven strategy and process for cultivating these highly educated, clinically experienced, and well respected opinion leaders into brand champions, company advocates, and as proven resources for garnering tangible marketing and medical information.

Everybody understands the value of having strong key opinion leader relationships, but very few organizations commit the time and energy to identify, engage, and utilize these thought leaders to drive their communication strategies and tactics. Let us help you identify, engage, and track key opinion leader touch points through our proven KOL Engagement process.

KOL, also known as Key Opinion Leaders are a vital aspect of medical communications.

Our KOL “Pharma” Strategic Services Include

  • 1, 2, and 5 year KOL strategy development
  • Comprehensive KOL deployment plans
  • KOL training and management
    • Customized local, regional, and national levels
    • Public relations training
    • Live and web-based formats
  • KOL touch-point Programs
    • Headquarter, marketing, medical affairs and local field force programs
  • Society and convention KOL plans

Keys to a successful KOL “pharma” engagement plan

  • KOLs differ within specialty segments – one size does not fit all
  • Choose your KOLs carefully
  • Not all thought leaders should be your KOLs
  • Customize your approach for your KOLs
  • KOL engagement is not a one-time event
  • Ensure that the KOL collaboration is beneficial to all parties

“Pharma” Key Opinion Leader Deployment

The selection and deployment of key opinion leaders in support of your brand/company vary based on their core competencies, experiences, intended use, and the life cycle of your product(s). At Coalesce we understand that the selection and deployment of your KOL’s requires a deep understanding of their core skills and the commercialization of your brand, across time.

Click on the quotes below to view varying perspectives of the term key opinion leaders.

Product Manager –
Pharmaceutical Company

“I see a KOL as someone who is looked upon by their peers as…”

Associate Product Manager –
Device Company:

“…This usually means that they are well published, in academia…”

Local representative

“A KOL is someone with strong brand experience…”

Medical Science Liaison –
Pharmaceutical Company

“…I see a KOL as someone whose research or experience…”

Medical Director –
Biotech Company

“KOL for me is somebody that based on his training…”