Advisory Introduction

Whether you are a biotech, pharmaceutical, or device manufacturer, advisory meetings are a valuable link to understanding the behaviors and/or perceptions of your target audience. Advisory meetings provide a forum for you to present information and procure tangible input, feedback, and direction to support a wide range of objectives.

This certainly does not mean that everyone develops or executes effective advisory meetings. Advisory meetings require a specific focus and attention to desired outcomes in order to develop a comprehensive interaction that contains the correct mix of information and discussion, as well as a proven process for procuring, capturing, and producing a quality summary of the information discussed.

At Coalesce, we have a proven process that will garner specific, relevant, and tangible outputs from your advisory events.

Our Advisory experience and knowledge includes

  • Clinical development and commercialization advisories
  • Medical and marketing advisories
  • Evolving landscape and life-cycle management advisories
  • Treatment optimization advisories
  • Scientific content development advisories
  • High-science advisories
  • Emerging specialist (rising stars) advisories

Our Advisory offerings include, but are not limited to, the following services

  • Agenda and content development
  • Discussion questions and interaction
  • Faculty and advisor selection, recruitment, and training
  • Pre-advisory meeting material development and distribution
  • Advisory moderation preparation and training guides
  • Post-advisory Executive Summary development